Scholarship Opportunities


Grants Continue to Help Foundation's Educational Programs

Since the establishment of the foundation in 1987, over $377,000 has been awarded to over 375 talented youth and graduating seniors from the James Tatum Foundation for the Arts. At the Annual Scholarship Showcase Program, students demonstrate their artistic abilities before a live audience and winning participants receive scholarships up to $2,000 each. The winners perform in dance, instrumental, voice, theater arts, visual arts and composer categories.

During the year of 2001, the scholarship program for the foundation was structured into an Endowment Scholarship Fund.

95% of our past recipients have reached their ultimate goal. They are professional teachers and Performing Artists throughout the nation.

The Foundation, with the assistance of the community and corporate supporters, has blossomed the organization into one of the Detroit's most distinguished non-profit Foundation in the State.

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"Give a Toot" Program

The James Tatum Foundation for the Arts, Inc. and co-sponsor Comerica Incorporated have successfully worked together to make the "Give A Toot" program an outstanding success of the past 7 years. The "Give a Toot" program has given out over 400 instruments to various schools in the Detroit School District, Individual Students in the Community and as far away as St. Anne's Bay Elementary School in Jamaica,West Indies.